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This guide is really like, having a professional painter, as

a friend who answers all your questions!

Take the advise about painting from someone,

who had painted the homes of celebrities!

 This experitise is based on painting the best homes in Los Angeles. From, Hollywood Bungalows to Malibu Beach houses, celebrity mansions, medical buildings, you name it even one Rodeo Drive boutique. This is the source of my experience. You can read on Stories page.

With a short time you put in. You can access the knowledge and learn the skills about painting what is needed to make a good job.

I wrote this guide book with the everage person in mind, not representing any company or brand. What


you will get is the detailed explanation of all aspects of home painting in a concise way plain language. You will know all the small details not just what to do but how to do it, like a pro. 

It is not only for people with no painting experience at all, even those who have done painting will find lots of valuable information to make their work easier, to do it the right way.

You can do, home painting yourself and

save thousands of dollars!

The catch is that, most people think painting is way too easy. Just get a cheap brush open a can of paint and start painting.


I would say not so fast! Yes, it is possible to save thousands of dollars in a relative short time, when you

do painting yourself! 

But like with any other trade you have to know what to do in what order and the way to do it!


So, what is the first step? Don’t start anything until you read here, how to assess the job and the precautions about safety issues. 


You will get answers about, which tools and materials to buy exactly. How to choose, select colors and put up samples or make a precise masking and covering.


(What is fundamental to do a nice clean job.)

color samples

Further it explains how to paint a ceiling or different kind of doors or windows and much more. Down to the last details like how to dip the brush into the paint.


It is guaranteed that you won't stop in your work progress, because you will always know the what is the

next step.

Home Painting Adviser answers all your questions!!


With random searches on the net about painting or by asking the sales people at the stores you won't be able to get all the information you need to start and finish a job completely. 


Finally it includes a five page long punchlist of tools and materials.

To print out! 


What will make your shopping efficient.


This will save you lots of time. Minimize unecessary trips to the paint store. Go trough and mark what you need.

With random unorganized shopping you loose money and time! 


When you use these forms not just you will get organized but, you will get used to some record keeping for future references.


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