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I started this page writing about my rich clients Hollywood Stars.

The west side of Los Angeles with cities like Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Malibu are the homes of many famous people the rich and famous and the very rich and not so famous.


I wrote this chapter with short stories for you to look behind the scene to show you how painting is in real life general.

Also, at the same time one of a kind experience sets it apart from the rest /from all others on the subject. I am sure it will give you enthusiasm excitement.


Painting for rich clients working on the homes of Hollywood Stars. The 5-6 thousand square feet mansions with, walking closets of the size of a small room. Driveways lined with luxury cars, where the secure tall fence protects what is most important to them, their privacy.


So, you can't see much from the street in case you are driving in that area.


Stunning views, often to both sides to the valley and towards Los Angeles what is really spectacular after dark the endless span of street lights as far as you can see the view similar to what you see when you are about to land with an airplane in Los Angeles.


Full sized lit tennis courts, odd-shaped lit turquoise swimming pools. The blue Los Angeles sky palm trees rustling in the warm Santa Ana winds.


Vast estates often with personal managers and staff where no construction work can start work before 9 or 10 am. „

With B Streisand almost around noon.


Without doubt, this considered by many the best luxurious area in the world, where the most famous people live. These are the homes what most of us can see only in Hollywood movies, portraying the good life.


Working with the interior decorators and builders what the celebrities hire use and recommend to each other.


Working with these professionals on daily bases, to live up to their expectations whims and high standards, where everything has to be just perfect where everybody can be blamed except themselves and fulfilling the wishes of these decorators, not an easy task. You need strong nerves for this and with a little exaggeration you are always just one step away from not committing suicide.


For new construction you can show up with a chain gang no one cares until the price is right. But for these kinds of jobs you can have only a few people who you really really trust.


You can not just show up with anybody.

New stories are coming up
about painting.

Charles Bronson

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